Landing Pontoons

The Landing Pontoon comprises of glassfibre reinforced concrete decking inserted into galvanised steel frames floating on glassfibre reinforced concrete encased polystyrene floats.  It has gained a reputation for being very stable. It not only looks good, but is built to last with an environmentally low maintenance surface providing excellent non-slip properties.

We have designed and developed our landing pontoons over the last 15 years using our in-house design team and our vast expertise. Our system is designed to comply with BYHA Code of Practice, BS6349, BS8110 & BS5400 with regards to dimensions, durability and loading. Our design team will calculate the weight of the access gangway/ bridge that sits on the landing pontoon. Additional buoyancy will be required and added to the floatation units to support this extra weight on the pontoon.

Our system is extremely durable; the landing pontoon is manufactured to the highest standards of construction.

  • The frame is manufactured from steel and hot-dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461
  • The floatation units are polystyrene encased in glassfibre reinforced concrete
  • The decking planks are made from Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) – This provides a very strong decking which can be manufactured in a salmon pink colour and in a range of colours to suit the clients requirements. The GRC decking provides non-slip properties.

Alternative decking options are available in:

  • Hardwood Timber Decking – This decking is Greenheart or Yellow Balau, which is very durable.
  • Plastic/ Timber Composite Decking – This decking is available in a range of colours, we have previously used dark mahogany and terracotta.

Both hardwood timber and composite decking give excellent non-slip properties and are visually appealing. We can design a landing pontoon for specific locations and requirements of the client.

Landing Pontoon00Landing Pontoon 200