The Breakwater Unit System is designed for projects where greater protection is required for harbours or marinas. We have installed them in a number of locations with adverse conditions. The breakwater units are manufactured in Ireland by Banagher Precast Concrete Ltd. to an ISO 9001 accredited quality system. The units are designed to comply with BS6349 and design is carried out by our in-house design team and our vast expertise to give a top quality, all concrete floating continuous structures.

The breakwater units consist of a reinforced concrete structure with polystyrene floatation units enclosed. Steel reinforcement is hot-dip galvanised to BS4449 & BS EN ISO 1461 and the top surface is a non-slip brushed concrete finish.

The units are connected end to end with stainless steel connectors (50Ton breaking load) and rubber buffers. Units may also be connected side to end and side by side by prior design. Protection to the base of the polystyrene with glassfibre reinforced concrete is optional. Service ducts may be encased into the units to suit the client’s requirements.

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