Access Gangways / Bridges

Access Gangways / Bridges

The Access Gangways/ Bridges are the link between the land and the Jetty/ Marina. We have designed and developed our access gangways over the last 15 years using our in-house design team and our vast expertise. Our gangways are designed to comply with British Standards with regards to dimensions, durability and loading.

Our gangway is extremely durable; it is manufactured to the highest standards of construction.

  • The frame is manufactured from steel and hot-dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461
  • The decking is made from non-slip Glassfibre Reinforced Plastic (GFRP). This decking is available in a range of colours; we have previously used light grey, sand and green. The GFRP decking gives excellent non-slip properties and is visually appealing.

Our access gangways are available from 2-30metres in length and 1-2.5metres in width (BS requires a minimum width of 1.2m between handrails. They are designed as per the client’s requirements with a design live load of 1.2kN/m² (Light loading) – 4.0kN/m² (Crowd loading)

All gangways can be fitted with a gatehouse and access security gate systems to allow the client to control access. All gangways can be fitted with mesh infill panels. All gangways are available in Aluminium if required and aluminium gangways are finished self colour. Steel Gangways have a galvanised finish and painting is optional; colours available are black and cream or to the client’s requirements.

Access Gangway With GatehousesmAccess Gangwayssm

Access Gangway With Gatehouse 2smAccess Gangway With Infill Mesh Panelssm